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Should I Be Building Muscle?

Today on the blog, Julia talks about strength training and its place in a healthy fitness routine. Strength training is one of those things that people can get really nervous about. Questions arise such as: Should I be doing it? What if I bulk up? Won’t I gain weight if I’m building muscle? If you’re […]

Looking Bad to Look Good

Today’s blog post comes from Lara Zielin, who teaches indoor cycling at the studio. She talks about how scary trying out indoor cycling was at first, and how tempting it was for her to stop working out, especially when she knew she wasn’t very good at what she was doing. But she didn’t let the […]

Julia Looks Back, Looks Ahead

As many of us think about the start of 2013, I know we’ll be crafting New Year’s resolutions. What will we do better? What will we do differently? This is all well and good, and goals are critical to success. But before you look ahead, I hope you’ll reflect on all the wonderful successes you […]

Cold-Weather Workouts

And suddenly, it was cold. Our incredibly warm summer made it seem like the weather might never change but, lo, the frigid temps are upon us once again. But don’t let that stop you from having an awesome outdoor workout. Would you believe working out in the cold is actually good for you? Studies show […]

Fast Fitness

Short bursts of intense exercise can give your workout routine an added boost. Studies link sprinting with increased cardiovascular capability and improved muscle health. In one test, a group of cyclists witnessed a ten percent increase in performance after doing sprints for just two weeks. Wow! The thing is, sprinting is kind of … hard. […]

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