Hey, Am I Doing This Right?

Working out at home is a wonderful way to supplement your exercise at the gym. But if you’re engaging in solo workouts, making sure you have the correct form is important to keep from straining your body or, worse, becoming injured. Wondering if you’re doing it right? Here are some right and wrong ways to do a few core moves.

Here, Julia demonstrates the perfect pushup.

Note that there is a straight line from her shoulders to her hips to her ankle, and that her arms are shoulder-width apart.

As she lowers herself toward the ground, her core stays engaged, her back stays flat.

When it’s not done properly — whether because you’re tired, or not paying attention, or any number of reasons — it’s easy to let your elbows come way out from your body, kind of like chicken wings. Also note Julia’s got her bottom way up in the air.

Lowering yourself in in a bad-form pushup can put stress on your lower back. Here, Julia’s shoulders are too far back as well, working all the wrong muscle groups.

Squats are another thing where form is key. A good squat starts with great posture.

When lowering herself, Julia keeps her weight back, knees over her toes. Her eyes stay forward.

A bad-form squat often starts with bad posture and gets worse from there.

When not done correctly, a person’s weight can come forward, putting pressure on the wrong muscles and joints. Check out this super sad squat, where all Julia’s weight is in front, and she looks like she might tip over at any second.

If you have questions about how to do specific strengthening moves, talk to the Ypsi Studio trainers, who are always happy to lend their expertise to enhance your workout routine!