Keys to Exercising More Often

Many of you know Angela Tripp, who can be seen teaching and working out at Ypsi Studio more than bacon-themed toys can be seen at the Rocket. If you don’t know Ang (as she’s more commonly called), it’s probably only a matter of time before you see her racing off to teach a willPower & grace class or cooling off from an early-morning run.

Ang works out a ton. Like, an amazing amount. Sure, she loves it, but enjoying working out isn’t always enough to change one’s motivation level. I mean, I can like running, but is it really going to get me out of bed to join a morning running group?

Ang once felt the same way. And when I asked her what changed in her own fitness journey, she said there are two key elements to working out more often:

1.) Be accountable. “When I decided to do personal training with Julia, that’s when I really got serious about my workouts,” Ang says. “It was a new level of dedication because it was with a group. There were five of us, all committed, not just to ourselves but to everyone else. If you don’t show up, everyone else has to pay more for their workout because we’re all sharing the cost of the personal training session. Making sure that my workouts had more riding on them than just my agenda was key.”

2.) Try new things. “For so long, all I did was the same old thing. The same tired running routine. The same weights every time. I was bored, so of course I wasn’t motivated to do it a ton. But when I branched out and tried classes I’d never been to before — indoor cycling and willPower & grace and group training classes, for example — I couldn’t believe how much more motivated I was to work out. I thought the classes would scare me, but they didn’t. They were empowering and the instructors were welcoming and friendly. That definitely helped take my workouts to the next level.”

Ang teaches willPower & grace classes at Ypsi Studio on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays. She’s also part of the Ypsi Studio running group, the Thursday night group training session, and will often hop on a bike to take part in indoor cycling class. She should definitely take more yoga classes than she does now.