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Should I Be Building Muscle?

Today on the blog, Julia talks about strength training and its place in a healthy fitness routine. Strength training is one of those things that people can get really nervous about. Questions arise such as: Should I be doing it? What if I bulk up? Won’t I gain weight if I’m building muscle? If you’re […]

Julia Looks Back, Looks Ahead

As many of us think about the start of 2013, I know we’ll be crafting New Year’s resolutions. What will we do better? What will we do differently? This is all well and good, and goals are critical to success. But before you look ahead, I hope you’ll reflect on all the wonderful successes you […]

What is This “willPower & grace” Thing I Keep Hearing About?

Chances are, if you’ve been around the studio for any length of time, you’ve heard people talking about “willPower & grace.” If you’re wondering what in the world that is, wonder no more! This blog post is for you. In its most technical terms, willPower & grace is  a fitness organization founded in 1999 that […]

Welcome to the Ypsi Studio Blog!

There’s so much going on at Ypsi Studio and so many talented professionals with expertise they want to share with people, we’ve decided to start a blog! The information here is free, and it’s aimed and improving your workouts, helping you stay up-to-date on Ypsi Studio news, and facilitating connections between members of the gym. […]

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