The Ypsi Studio Difference

I recently asked Ypsi Studio owner Julia Collins what sets the facility apart from every other gym out there. And she didn’t hesitate for a moment before she replied: “The community.”

It’s true. Ypsi Studio is not the place that’s going to be open 24/7 or have the most elliptical machines or the most sports swag for sale. Rather, this is the place where people remember your name. Where you can actually work out with folks you can get to know.

This is the place where, if you want to try something — a 5k, a bootcamp class, your first indoor cycling ride — there will be experts at the ready to help you.

This isn’t a gym where you’ll just show up, sweat, and leave. You’ll get connected to others who are on a fitness journey, too.

And when it comes to what is going to keep someone at a gym, what’s going to keep someone working out even when they don’t want to, it’s going to be other people. Accountability. The fact that you’re not alone. The fact that it doesn’t have to always suck — it can be fun. You can run races dressed like a donut. For example.

Ypsi Studio is not the biggest gym. It’s not the flashiest. But if you’re looking to engage in a fitness journey with other people who will help you, who will genuinely care about you, and who may become some of your best friends, it’s the perfect place.