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NAFC Trainings Coming to Ypsi Studio!

        Have you ever considered becoming certified as a group fitness instructor? If so, you are in luck! Three national fitness trainings are coming to Ypsi and Ann Arbor in April and May, 2015! NAFC Training This training, which will earn you CECs for both NAFC: (0.8) and/or NESTA: (0.8), is an […]

What is This “willPower & grace” Thing I Keep Hearing About?

Chances are, if you’ve been around the studio for any length of time, you’ve heard people talking about “willPower & grace.” If you’re wondering what in the world that is, wonder no more! This blog post is for you. In its most technical terms, willPower & grace is  a fitness organization founded in 1999 that […]

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