willPower & grace®

No shoes allowed in this barefoot class. willPower & grace® is an intensive cardio workout – be prepared to work hard and to sweat! willPower & grace utilizes your large muscle groups through squats and lunges, and also engages your core through balances and other vestibular challenges. There is often a core-strengthening section at the end of class, so if you want to bring your own yoga mat, please do so. It is highly recommended that you bring water to drink, along with a positive attitude. In willPower & grace, we teach people how to land on their feet, and move with integrity.

We also offer a great new class, willPower Ignite! Burn calories even after you work out with a new class! Introducing willPower Ignite®! This TABATA-style interval class is built on a foundation of willPower Method® exercises and is fueled with high-end anaerobic drills to turbo-fire your metabolism.

willPower for girlPower: The goal of this program is to empower young women to find inspiration, strength and confidence in this fusion of movement and philosophy which is derived from willPower & grace. This session involves 7 classes, meeting either once or twice a week. If you are interested in learning more or if you have a group and/or a location that you’d like to have involved in this amazing program, please contact Julia Collins at the Studio.

Learn more about willPower & grace®, willPower for girlpower® or willPower Ignite!® by visiting willpowermethod.com.