Personal Training

Ypsi Studio offers personal training for individuals or small groups.  Whether you join us for just a day or for the whole year, our warm and inviting studio would love to cater to your personal training needs.

Certified personal trainers will work with you at YOUR fitness level, and help you to reach YOUR personal fitness and health goals. Your trainer will have you work on equipment in the studio, or may even take you outdoors in nice weather and work with you on cardiovascular exercises and strength training using stairs, the park, and other elements near the Studio.

“I love the sense of community at the Ypsi Studio – in spin class, during training with Julia – every time I’m there I feel supported and get a dose of good energy!” –Colleen, personal training client and Indoor Cycling enthusiast

“Julia kicks your ASS! Period! (In a really good, patient, works-with-your-schedule-and-needs kind of way).” — Nathan B., personal training client


Equipment available at the Studio includes: treadmills, ellipticals, indoor cycling bikes, free weights and body bars, punching bags, glider discs, Bosu, and many, many more! As a bonus, regular personal training clients receive discounts on group exercise packages. See Pricing and Packages for more information.

New Personal Training Packages Available!

Introduction Package for New Clients: $260
1-Fitness Assessment
8-(30 minute) Training Sessions
Advancing to Strength and Endurance: $650 (payment plans available)
1-Fitness Assessment
20 (30-minute) Training Sessions
Hydration pack! Includes a string gym bag with electrolyte replacements, Bai fruit infused water, chocolate milk. 
Transformation Package: $1,050 (payment plans available)
2-Fitness Assessments
30 (30-minute) Training Sessions
1 Canister of Protein shake
10 electrolyte replacements


As partners in your fitness program, you and your trainer will come up with the schedule that best suits your needs. When a schedule is in place, we will remain committed to it, and ask that you give at least 24 hours notice to cancel a session or you will pay for that missed session.

Late arrival policy: Sessions begin and end precisely on schedule. We recommend arriving early for personal training sessions if you need to change clothes.

Referral rewards: As a thank you gift, active clients receive one free 30-minute session each time they refer a client to Ypsi Studio who purchases a personal training package.

  • Personal Training: Sessions are tailored to your specific fitness needs and goals, and are always varied to keep you motivated. The standard rate for personal training is $65 per hour; $70 per hour for small group personal training, and $70 per hour for training with Julia. There are special packages available (see below). In-home training rates vary depending on travel distance.

Personal Training Packages:

  • Introductory Session: Includes a health-fitness appraisal of your cardiovascular, upper body and core strength, as well as flexibility. You will do a weigh-in and body fat assessment; goal setting; an email will follow outlining your fitness level based on you age and gender. Cost: $40.
  • Introduction to Personal Training package: This outstanding value includes a FREE fitness assessment, four (4) one-hour sessions of personal training, and an email follow up. Let us design a program just for you! If you are new to exercise, or a fitness enthusiast looking for ways to bring some new ideas into your workout, we can help. We will discuss whether you want to focus on cardiovascular fitness, strength training, stretching programs, or a little bit of everything. We want to take you to the next level! Cost: $265.
  • Ten Hour Commitment Package: For this package, you commit to attending ten (10) one-hour personal training sessions. You make the commitment, we find times that work with your schedule, and your sessions are on the calendar! Two 15-minute follow-ups by phone and one email follow up are also included in this package. Cost: $650.

Check out our newsletter or come in to the studio to see monthly deals on personal training packages!

Stairs at the park for cardio training
Kettlebells outside