Strength Training

TRX®: This is a 30-minute strength building class using TRX® Suspension Trainer® equipment. According to the creators of TRX, they were “…created [for] the US Navy SEAL Teams – the world’s finest commandos who are professional athletes of the most serious kind.” Your trainer will lead you in a series of exercises that will challenge you and strengthen your arms, legs, core, and many other muscles you didn’t even know you had. It is a rare class when any muscle group gets ignored. TRX enables you to squat deeper, stretch further, and hold a plank with your feet suspended off the ground.
Our TRX classes have become so popular that we must limit the number of people in each class to 12. If you want to secure a spot ahead of time, please call the Studio (734.845.0542) and reserve your place.

Butts & Guts, Abs & Arms, Back & Shoulders, and Balance/Core/Strength: This is a series of classes focused on strengthening different muscle groups – your back and core one week, arms and abs the next, upper back and shoulders the next, and then a general core training and balance class. These 30-minute classes are taught by a certified personal trainer, and utilize free weights, body bars, and other equipment, including the TRX®. This is a group exercise class that has the feel of a personal training session.

Boot Camp: This class was created by Firefighter/Trainer Jen.  You will run, crawl, lift heavy awkward objects, move heavier and more awkward objects and repeat – never a dull moment! Weather permitting – you can head outside and add stair running and other natural obstacles to your course.

“I love willPower&grace and TRX! Julia, Angie, and Shirley kick my butt every time and I keep coming back. It’s a little sick…” – Leto

“I just attended an underwhelming strength training class [in Austin TX] with terrible loud music, an instructor who seemed annoyed that I was there and NOTHING to make it fun. I miss Julia Collins, Angela Tripp, Stacie Larabell, Jenny Murphy, mean Shirley, and the rest of the Ypsi Studio gang!” — Amanda H., Ypsi Studio fan who now lives in Austin, TX

Mean Shirley and TRXers

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