Pricing News

Pricing News

In an effort to keep everyone informed and not have any surprises for our clients, we wanted to let you know that Ypsi Studio will be raising its group exercise class prices beginning August 19, 2013. Price increases are never fun, but we’ve grown by leaps and bounds since we first opened in 2004, yet we’ve never once raised our prices in that whole time. To continue to provide a transformational fitness experience for our members, and to continue to provide this experience well into the future, we must make this price change.

Please know that we have done everything we could to make this impact as minimal as possible on you, our valued clients. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we are providing below more information about the price increase. And please know you can always talk to Julia, or one of the other staff members, if you have questions or concerns.


1.) We have kept our increase as minimal as possible.
The increase is small as possible, while still making it possible to reach our future goals – namely getting new indoor cycling bikes into the studio, making many small improvements in the studio, and expanding the space available for classes and personal training.

2.) We are still competitive, price-wise.
Ypsi Studio’s prices are still 25 percent to 40 percent lower than the average of our competitors’ prices.

3.) You can still save.
The larger a commitment a client makes to the Studio, the lower the price is — and the lower the price increase. The average increase for punch cards is 12 percent; the average increase for unlimited passes is 9 percent.

4.) You can stock up on deals now.
The new prices go into effect on August 19th. This means that you still have until August 18th to stock up on punch-cards and unlimited passes if you wish!

The new pricing structure is below. Senior, Student, and Personal Training client discounts still apply.

Punch cards

  • 8 class punch card is $75
  • 16 class punch card is $140
  • 24 class punch card is $190

Unlimited Passes

  • 1 month unlimited pass is $85
  • 2 months unlimited pass is $155
  • 3 months unlimited pass is $210
  • 6 months unlimited pass is $375
  • 12 months unlimited pass is $640

Drop In: $12

First Time Drop In: $5