Survey Says!

A big thank you to everyone who completed our survey in May! We learned a great deal from you. Many of the changes that you will see happening in the Studio this summer are in response to your comments, while others reflect achievements we have been striving for over the last year or so.

Some changes that are already in place or coming very soon are:

  • New fans, better organization of materials in the group exercise room, and more focus on keeping the Studio space clean and tidy
  • Moving the stereo upstairs further away from the stairs (and therefore the group exercise room)
  • Better advertising of the showers that are available at the Studio
  • New classes, and more classes, on the calendar
  • Electronic check in. We are transitioning to Mind Body Online for an electronic check in and payment system. This means that you’ll be able to check in to classes by scanning a key card, reserve a space in a class online, and add punches to your card or months to your unlimited pass online.
  • Paper towels for the bathroom. Until we have this in place, we are making additional clean towels available in each bathroom so it is easy to switch to a clean hand towel at any time.

Changes that we hope will be coming in the next several months:

  • Expansion of space: we are still hoping to expand the space of Ypsi Studio to have more group exercise classrooms, a bigger group exercise room, another bathroom, and more space for members to store their belongings while they work out.
  • Addition of new equipment: we are working to get new equipment, including all new Indoor Cycling bikes and TRX equipment.

Even if we are not able to achieve our dreams exactly as they are mapped out at this time, we will continue to keep improving things at Ypsi Studio so that each member has the best possible workout experience. Thank you for your input, and for your continued support of your small, local fitness studio!

[Image credit: Flickr/Creative Commons]