Jump Into a New Ypsi Studio!

We have been working hard lately to listen to our clients and make changes around Ypsi Studio that will benefit everyone. One of the biggest improvements we’ve made is the addition of a new way to check into Ypsi Studio. This new system, called Mind Body Online (or MBO for short) will allow you to track your fitness, check how many classes you have in your account, purchase more classes online, and make and cancel reservations. Everyone will get an individual key tag, which will replace the old punch-card system. It’s going to be truly transformative to the Ypsi Studio experience!

To help launch the new MBO system, we’re having a party this Friday, June 14 from 4:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. During that time, you can stop by and get acquainted with how everything works. Then, the system will officially launch on Saturday, June 15.

If you can’t stop by, no worries. The Yspi Studio staff will be on hand to help you engage the new MBO system during your next class, workout, or training. You can also set up your own account by going to www.mindbodyonline.com.

> In the upper right corner, click login

> In the search field that appears on the login page, type Ypsi Studio

> On the following page, type your first and last name into the “New to our Site?” fields

> Fill in in the remaining contact information, and create a login.

> Then click “create account” and you’re all set. We’ll show you all the benefits of the signup and take it to the next level at the Studio.

We are excited to streamline our services and help the Studio be the best it can be!

[Photo credit: Flickr/Creative Commons]