Be My (Studio) Valentine!

How do I love Ypsi Studio? Let me count the ways …

As the holiday of cupid and love approaches, let’s put down the candy hearts and write a Valentine to Ypsi Studio. After all …

Has the sheer awesomeness of Ypsi Studio made a difference in your life?
Have you found a workout class you love?
Do you have a trainer who supports and encourages you?
Have you challenged your idea of your own limitations?

These are all reasons to declare our love for Ypsi Studio. And there is a contest and prizes if you do!

Right now, there’s a box at the front desk where you can place your Valentine to Ypsi Studio. You can write a poem, draw a picture, pen a Haiku — whatever you wish! The deadline for submitting your Valentine is this Thursday, February 14, at 7:00 P.M. Julia herself will pick a winner from the entries, and she’ll be giving said winner a chakra water bottle and a free hour of personal training time!

So get out your construction paper and paste, and have at it! Be creative, have fun, and bring the romance! For the Studio, that is …