Bootcamp Basics with Jenn!

Bootcamp is quickly becoming one of Ypsi Studio’s most popular classes. It’s an intense, all-over workout that will jump-start your strength and endurance. If you’ve never done bootcamp or if you have some anxiety about this being the right workout for you, never fear. Bootcamp instructor and all-over awesome person Jenn Wenzel is here to answer your questions about the class.

How would you describe the boot camp workout?
Boot camp is a functional training class. This class is for the athlete who wants to improve their race times, or the person who is looking for just a new challenge in life and is tired of the same workout they have been doing. Each class will be different moves with usually a theme behind each session such as cardio, legs, upper body, or core strength.

Do you have to be super fit to do boot camp? Is it only for athletic rock stars?
Boot camp is designed to be modified based on an individual’s level of fitness. All of the exercises come with a modification option so the workout can fit your capability.

Can you give an example of a workout modification?
Take leg raises, for example, where you lay on the floor, on your back, and raise and lower your straight legs. A person with weaker abs or who is new to the move can bend their knees at a 90-degree angle, thus lessening the intensity of the move.

When is bootcamp?
Bootcamp offers continuous variety — from the length of time to the workouts we do, to when the sessions are offered each week. This will keep the body guessing and bootcamp attendees will always be surprised. You’re guaranteed to never get bored! Check out the schedule and come in when you can!

Jenn was nice enough to add a little bit about herself — in her own words!
Hello future and returning boot campers! I live in the little Ypsi we all love so much. I enjoy this town and the community this Studio has created. I have a full time job with the City of Dearborn Fire Department. I am going on my 10th year of firefighting and have kept physical fitness as a top priority ever since high school and in college where I was an collegiate athlete. I have enjoyed creating classes and personal training for the past eight years.